Villa Tan Dinh: Devoted to Nature

Residential / 2nd Quarter 2024

Villa Tan Dinh: Devoted to Nature

June 11, 2024

Unlike most houses in the neighbourhood—Tanh Dinh ward in Ho Chi Minh City’s most condensed district—that maximise building upon their plots of land to create monolithic enclosed masses, the architects sought to reduce the built-up spaces of this house from the start. From discussions with the owner, they pared down the programme to the point where it could fulfil the occupants’ needs—no more and no less.

The architects envisioned the living spaces to be immersed in large gardens instead of merely having a few small green zones at the entrance. As they told FuturArc: “Most of the house’s area is devoted to natural spaces rather than prioritising usable areas.”

The guiding concept was for the living spaces to hover above gardens, giving one the feeling of walking on bridges. All the primary activities in the house are planned to take place in ‘empty zones’: in between the greenery, which comprises various types of planters (including creeper vines), a terraced garden at the sub-basement level and sky gardens on the upper floors; the pond on the second level; and the stacked voids that let in natural daylight.


Project Name
Villa Tan Dinh

District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Completion Date

Site Area
283.72 square metres

Constructed Area
192.88 square metres

Gross Floor Area
538.29 square metres

Architecture Firm
MIA Design Studio

Principal Architect
Nguyen Hoang Manh

Concept Design
Truong Nguyen Quoc Trung; Pham Thi Phuong Nhung

Interior Design
Bui Thi Hong Phuong

Technical Design
Bui Hoang Bao; Nguyen Ngoc Thien Phuong; Nguyen Thi Hao; Le Ho Ngoc Thao

General Contractor
Thanh Phat

Mechanical & Electrical Contractor
Khai Minh

Mechanical Contractor
Coppha Builders

Hiroyuki Oki

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