The Yubei campus of Cuibei Experimental Primary School

Institutional / 3rd Quarter 2021

The Yubei campus of Cuibei Experimental Primary School

September 24, 2021

The Yubei campus of Cuibei Experimental Primary School is a Teng-Nor School project under the charge of Luohu Preliminary Office.

The project is led by China State Construction Technology, and People’s Architecture Office is responsible for the architectural design. It took two months to complete the flash construction from design to construction. The modular box construction system was adopted, and the permanent building standards were upgraded and integrated according to the school building requirements. Various units such as interior decoration, exterior green wall modules, multifunctional interior corridor modules, etc., were quickly assembled on-site after high-precision processing in the factory.

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EPC General Contractor
China Construction Science & Technology Group Co Ltd
Architectural Design
People’s Architecture Office

He Zhe; James Shen; Zang Feng
Project Team
Sha Jinghai; Wen Hao; Kim Dahyun; Zhang Shengyuan
Interior Design
China Construction Integrated Building Co Ltd
Design Consultation
Zhu Yimin and Tu’an Studio; He Chuan Architecture Studio; Shenzhen University the Institute of Architecture Design;
Research Hechuan Studio

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