The University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong | FGLA 2019 Merit

Institutional, Landscape / 2nd Quarter 2019

The University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong | FGLA 2019 Merit

May 14, 2019

Nestled among tree canopies and verdant public hiking trails, the University of Chicago’s new Asian campus—The Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex I The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong—was inspired by the site’s challenging topography, panoramic views and remnants of its military past.

The single, curvilinear expression of the building discreetly weaves the academic programme into the contours of the site’s terrain, touching only at points of least intrusion and bridging the heritage blocks to reconcile the old and new, natural and man-made. Evoking a contemporary ‘tree house of knowledge’, this facility floats gently over the natural landscape and historic relics, and incorporates several heritage structures that are now repurposed as classrooms and student lounges. The development’s landscaped deck and heritage courtyard serve as focal points and are open to the public. Similarly, the preservation and refurbishment of existing trails and lookout points allow for public access to continue uninterrupted.



Project Name
The University of Chicago Center in
Hong Kong
168 Victoria Road, Mount Davis, Hong
Completion Date
July 2018
Site Area
6,430 square metres
Gross Floor Area
4,915 square metres
Number of Rooms
5 classrooms; 15 group study rooms;
1 multipurpose hall; 1 reading room;
3 student lounges; 30 offices;
1 Heritage Interpretation Center
Building Height
10.75 metres
Client/OwnerThe University of Chicago Foundation in Hong Kong Limited
Architecture Firm
Revery Architecture Inc.
Principal Architects
Venelin Kokalov; Shinobu Homma
Main Contractor
Paul Y. Builders Limited
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Civil & Structural Engineer
Landscape Architects
SWA Group; Urbis Limited
Environmental Consultant
Façade Consultant
Front Inc.
Conservation Consultant
Revival Heritage Consultants Limited

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