The Park: A blue-green community ‘magnet’ in Vinh City

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The Park: A blue-green community ‘magnet’ in Vinh City

May 20, 2024

This project establishes a community space within the 10-hectare Swan Lake Park to support residential developments in the Eco Central Park Vinh neighbourhood in Vietnam.

Serving as a multi-use activity centre where residents can interact and connect, The Park provides functions such as a multipurpose hall adjoining a service kitchen, a jacuzzi, sauna, gym and yoga space, and public restrooms. These amenities complement the various activities taking place in Swan Lake Park, including routine exercises, camping and picnics, festivals as well as outdoor concerts.

Site context

Before construction, the site adjacent to the Lam River mostly consisted of vacant land with flooded rice paddies, with a development direction to transform it into an urban area with environmentally friendly living spaces. In this context, flood prevention and mitigation became crucial considerations, and the project incorporated the below measures:

• Site elevation and grading: The project was built on elevated ground to redirect surface water away from the building during rainy seasons, reducing the risk of flooding.
• Stormwater management: Near the water bodies, collection systems are provided to slow down the flow of rainwater, preventing water accumulation around the building.
• Sustainable drainage solutions: Green roofs have been implemented to absorb and manage overflow rainwater, reducing the burden on conventional drainage systems. The roofs can reduce temperatures to cool the indoor environment, especially during the dry season.
• Waterproofing: The construction utilises techniques and materials that can protect against water damage and ensure the building can withstand flooding events.

The soil that was excavated during the project has also been managed responsibly, with efforts to minimise soil compaction and preserve topsoil for later use in landscaping or re-vegetation.

Blending architecture with Nature

Instead of just constructing a building, The Park’s mission was to “delicately combine architecture with Nature”, according to the architects. They posed the question: “How can we integrate the complex functions of a public service facility in the urban environment while maintaining harmony”?

Hence, they designed spaces that open up to the natural features of the parkland greenery and water body, blending the building into the main traffic axis. Gently rising blocks, almost rendering the structure invisible, were arranged in an interwoven manner to be a ‘functional expansion’ of the existing park. Vistas were designed from outside and inside the building towards the lake, and pedestrian viewpoints were taken into consideration for the massing placement. The sloped roof gardens are given additional cut-outs at the top, which is intended to improve natural lighting and ventilation in the tropical climate.

The team hopes that The Park can have positive impacts on both its users’ health and the ecosystem’s health in the long run, by serving as a tranquil retreat and helping to mitigate urban heat-island effects through its blue-green design strategies.


Project Name   
The Park 

Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam

Completion Date

Site Area           
6,345.6 square metres

Gross Floor Area            
1,852 square metres

Number of Rooms         
5 blocks

Building Height
9 metres


Architecture Firm          
MIA Design Studio

Principal Architect
Nguyen Hoang Manh

Trieu Chien

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