The Mumbai Esplanade Project

Landscape / Jul - Aug 2016

The Mumbai Esplanade Project

July 22, 2016

Mumbai is a metropolis crumbling under the weight of the expectations of millions who call her home; its physical character and spatial environment have deteriorated over the years.

The railway network, likened to the lifeline of the city, is now threatened by the surrounding areas that are severely overcrowded and hostile for commuters and pedestrians. Improvement to the transport system has been made at the cost of pedestrians, especially the elderly and disabled, where infrastructures such as subway tunnels and bridge connections around stations have become congested hurdles that have to be navigated before one could embark on his/her commute.

The architects proposed applying the past strategy of designing the city for pedestrians in order to improve the current situation. As a collaboration between citizens, civic groups and officials, the Mumbai Esplanade project will not only connect 125 acres of existing parks, but also add 51 acres of new, open public spaces like gardens and water features, as well as provide a safe passage to plazas, train stations and the central business districts.

Project Name The Mumbai Esplanade Project blank
Location Mumbai, India
Status Under review
Site Area 350 acres
architecture Firms Somaya and Kalappa Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (SNK); Apostrophe Architecture & Urban Design Pvt. Ltd.
Principal Architects Brinda Somaya; Shivjit Sidhu
Images/Photos SNK; Apostrophe Architecture & Urban Design Pvt. Ltd.

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