Reviving local culture heritage

Commercial / Jan - Feb 2016

Reviving local culture heritage

January 22, 2016

Schemata Architects has completed the refurbishment of two minimalist retail buildings in Tokyo that enhance local character and revitalise the surrounding neighbourhoods. The first is a traditional rice store, while the second is a modern roastery/coffee shop. Both integrate with and serve the needs of the community, while taking into account Green building concepts.


The building has a typical layout where the commercial space faces the street and the residence of the owner is located at the back. The shop space is narrow, approximately 16.6 square metres in floor area, which does not allow for a large amount of products to be sold. However, the owner would rather have a modest- sized shop to maintain a one-man staff operation.


Blue Bottle Coffee (from Oakland, California) opened their first roastery/café in Tokyo, Japan, to operate as the production base of Blue Bottle Coffee Japan. A former storage building at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa was renovated to accommodate the roastery, café, office, barista training room and pastry factory. 


Project Name OKOMEYA
Location Tokyo, Japan
Completion Date December 2014
Site Area 16.49 square meters
Gross Floor Area 16.49 square meters
Client Owner Owan Ltd.
Architects Firms Schemata Architects
Principal Architects Jo Nagasaka
Main Contractor todo
Images/Photos Kenta Hasegawa; Schemeta Architects

Project Name Blue Bottle Coffee Kiyosumi_Shrikawa blank
Location Tokyo, Japan
Completion Date October 2014
Site Area 271.72 square meters
Gross Floor Area 543.44 square meters
Client/Owner Blue Bottle Coffee
Architecture Firm Schemeta Architects
Principal Architect Jo Nagasaka
Main Contractors TANK
Images/Photos Takumi Ota; Schemata Architects

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