Sentia School

Sentia School will offer a primary, secondary and high school curriculum. Open corridors will connect all three main blocks of the school, and the five-storey building will be divided according to grades and utilisation. The first block will only be used for primary school students and the following block for secondary school in the lower […]

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Lung Luong Elementary School


Akin to a jungle flower with lively colours, Lung Luong Elementary School creates a strong visual impact with vibrant rooftops for each block. Embedded deep in the terrain, the areas between the classrooms have become flexible open spaces where students can be closer to nature. The architects brought to life the concept of ‘a school […]

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Vegan House


Standing amidst other traditional narrow ‘tube houses’ in Ho Chi Minh City, the Vegan House cannot be missed. With a quaint exterior of recycled window shutters painted in bright colours, this building draws attention with its creative façade. Look deeper and one will come to realise that the architect has redeveloped most of this house […]

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Nanoco-Panasonic Lighting Showroom


Located in a developing area in the city of Hanoi, the lighting showroom is, well, a showpiece that exemplifies the use of simple local materials like terracotta blocks done right. With limited openings, the perforated blocks have created a statement façade by way of vertical stacks, achieving a simple yet abstract volume. At night, the showroom ‘lights up’ like a lantern […]

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Earth Village


Nam Dam is a village that is located in the Quan Ba District of Ha Giang, the most northern province in Vietnam. Situated on the mountain top and covered with rich forests and terraced fields, this place is inhabited by the Dao ethnic minority and recognised for its cultural characteristics: traditional costumes; festivals; brocade; cuisines; herbal […]

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One of the United Nations’ eight Millennium Development Goals is to ensure environmental sustainability, including the improvement of sanitation facilities. Despite progress in sanitation coverage, there are currently about 2.5 billion people all over the world who lack access to basic sanitation and more than a billion people are still practising open defecation. In Vietnam, […]

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Naman Retreat


Situated in the middle of Vietnam between Da Nang and Hoi An cities, this project is located in an area with many tourist attractions, such as the ancient town in Hoi An and beaches. The brief was to create a resort that would correspond with Vietnam’s handicrafts, traditions and climate. The resort has an overall […]

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