Harvard University Science and Engineering Complex: World’s first hydroformed façade

Completed in 2021, the complex in Allston, Massachusetts, features the world’s first hydroformed tensile exterior façade system sheathing research areas on the upper floors, which plays a vital role in both energy performance and occupant comfort. The fixed sunshade is geometrically calibrated to lower peak cooling loads by up to 65 per cent. It mixes […]

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Google Bay View: A new step in reaching the mega-company’s carbon goals

In 2020, Google announced that it aims to power all of its operations—data centres and offices, every hour of every day—using solely carbon-free electricity by the year 2030.1 This commitment requires going beyond the practice of offsetting carbon emissions and instead investing in Green systems for the company’s numerous facilities (reported to be over 70 […]

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Heron Hall


Heron Hall is the home of Jason F. McLennan and his family. As a Petal-certified LBC project (Water, Place, Health, Happiness), it embodies the philosophy of sustainable architecture through high performance systems and elegant design. It is the fourth residence in the world to achieve the Water Petal of the Living Building Challenge, and collects, […]

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ASHRAE World Headquarters


McLennan Design, in partnership with Houser Walker Architecture and in collaboration with Integral Group, led the design of a new headquarters for ASHRAE, the professional association of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigerating (HVAC&R) engineers, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The design team is tasked with renovating to net zero energy performance levels an office building built […]

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Climate Pledge Arena


Climate Pledge Arena is on track to become the first net zero carbon-certified arena in the world by the International Living Future Institute. McLennan Design provided strategic sustainability and regenerative design consulting to set this facility on the path to become arguably the most sustainable sports venue ever. The arena will host the new NHL […]

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HMTX World Headquarters and Materials Innovation Center


The HMTX World Headquarters is a mixed-use, net zero energy office, research and design testing facility. This innovation centre for a leading manufacturing company includes a variety of elements that requires specific indoor and outdoor spaces as part of an overall sensitive ecological campus integration. McLennan Design worked with the client to secure rezoning permits […]

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Plugin House plugs into Harvard and Boston City Hall


The Plugin House is an easily assembled house made from prefabricated parts. It is a design proposition, suggesting new building technology that considers financial, social and environmental concerns. The Plugin House demonstrates the possibilities of smaller, more sustainable living for contemporary urban landscapes. There is a movement among local and municipal governments to introduce policy […]

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Buffalo Bayou, Downtown Houston


FuturArc conducted an interview with Sacha Schwarzkopf about blue-green initiatives that can be transformative strategies for city regeneration. Here is one of the projects that was presented as an example. SS: Back in, say, the 1990s or even up until maybe 2005, the edge of Downtown Houston next to the Buffalo Bayou was really a […]

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Reaching Energy Targets


The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation in Canada are two applied learning educational establishments showcasing environmental sustainability, where the buildings themselves act as teaching tools, giving students real-world experience to work on solving real problems and ensuring that the industry has the highly skilled workers it needs. […]

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Method South Side Soapbox


PROJECT DATA Industrial precincts traditionally conjure images of smokestacks—gritty, hardened buildings spewing effluents and breeding squalor in their wake. The Method Manufacturing Facility in the historic industrial town of Pullman, Chicago represents an effort to break this stereotype and construct a new, clean industrial model. “With Method’s factory, we wanted to become native to an urban community and create an […]

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