Hue Hotel Wave Front: Activating the beachfront with public access

The tropical teardrop-shaped island in Mindanao, Philippines, is often known as the country’s surfing capital with white-sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, as well as natural rock and cave pools. At the heart of Hue Hotel Wave Front’s architecture lies the intention by the owner group to connect the local residents with guests/tourists, developed around a common […]

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Siargao Resettlement Project: Designing safe post-disaster homes


In December 2021, the catastrophic Typhoon Odette struck the island of Siargao in Philippines, claiming hundreds of lives and destroying buildings—affecting 99 per cent of the island’s population.1 Nation-wide, around 1.4 million homes were damaged, with around 360,000 structures completely destroyed.2 Through the Siargao Resettlement project initiated by the Municipality of Del Carmen, the Philippines-based […]

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The Arthaland Century Pacific Tower (ACPT) is the world’s first building to receive the EDGE Zero Carbon certification [1]. This certification is an international standard developed by the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, that requires stringent measures for energy efficiency—the building’s energy consumption must be offset by renewable forms of […]


Hiraya BY Juinio Architects


Taken from an ancient Tagalog word which means dream or imagination, “Hiraya” brings into life a solid interpretation of one’s creative vision, turning it into an actual art installation. This project design is a living space where a dweller can pursue, develop and share his or her craft at the comforts of his or her home; […]

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FGLA 2020 Merit: House No.17


Nestled on the foot of Mount Hibok-Hibok on Camiguin Island is a tropical ranch house inspired from the mid-century homes of the 1950s. Through careful profiling, the abundance, and tranquillity of nature drew the owner to this site. The island’s natural landscape was the major key to the design process, along with a vision of […]

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House No. 10


PROJECT DATA Eco-friendly and energy-efficient residences, such as prefabricated houses, are becoming more common in the Philippines1. Although it remains a small percentage of built homes in the past years, there has been an increasing awareness of building sustainable homes recently. Designers usually specify solar panels as a common solution due to a rise in the […]

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