Bamboo Playground

The space that the school allocated for the project was at the border of the central open space that was mostly used by kids to play soccer. The designated area was initially a rubbish dump behind the school bathroom. The design team spent an entire week clearing the site by cleaning up and disposing the […]

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According to the architects, the school wanted this project to completely ‘disrupt’ the existing overwhelming amount of concrete that was covering the entire surface of the outdoor space. The application and use of bamboo here could be said to serve this purpose well. RELATED: To Infinity and Beyond The entire structure is made from bamboo, […]

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To Infinity and Beyond


MORE THAN JUST CHILD’S PLAY For some of us, some of the most fun or memorable times would be during recess or break time in between study periods when we were in primary/ elementary or middle school. For those few precious minutes, some kids would rush to grab a bite, while others would burst into […]

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