Building Blue and Green Spaces

An increasing number of cities in Asia are engaging in efforts to develop and integrate water networks and Green infrastructure as urban planning strategies that also provide for public spaces. This can be achieved through the protection of natural habitats within urban landscapes, while providing adaptive measures that are responsive to the climate. […]

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The Old Block at Ipoh

Although once Malaysia’s richest city, Ipoh glory days have long since passed. With the end of the tin mining industry boom, families and businesses had moved out of Old Town, leaving only traditional trades run mainly by senior citizens. Without the UNESCO World Heritage status enjoyed by Malacca and Penang, a sure tourist draw, Ipoh […]

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‘Recharged’ Kilang Bateri


Kilang Bateri is an excellent example of how adaptive reuse and Green architecture can be used to revitalise urban neighbourhoods, and as a springboard for economic growth among the local community and to create an attractive place to draw people into the area. Located in Tampoi industrial area near downtown Johor Bahru, Kilang Bateri, built […]

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