A Tale of Two Platinum Firsts

In Malaysia, the two most popular local certification bodies for private sector projects seem to be Green Building Index (GBI) and Green Real Estate (GreenRE). It has become increasingly common for developers or owners to undertake Green certification for their properties, and there has been an increased top-down push to all sectors to achieve nationally […]

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WAO’s Child Care Centre


What started out as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative to rebuild a burnt-down bungalow has led to a collaboration that birthed Malaysia’s first GreenRE Platinum-certified Women and Child Shelter. REHDA Youth (RY) signed an MOU with the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) back in 2016 to rebuild an old bungalow, which was their Child Refuge […]

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1 Lasam


More than eight years ago, when Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI) rating tool was new and the idea of Green buildings was still considered novel in Perak, the owner wanted to create the first-ever GBI Platinum-rated building in the state as its headquarters to align with the company’s position as a pioneer in its many […]

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A Chronographic Blueprint: Reinstating the Valley of Hope | FAP 2022 First Place


This speculative project attempts to transform a leprosarium into a ‘vivarium’, envisioned and presented as a chronographic blueprint to redefine the paradigm of heritage conservation through a time-based approach. The designs introduced can be seen as a series of adaptive reuse that adopts the notion of reversible architecture, ‘shearing’ layers of buildings for a long-term […]

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Introvert House


The living, dining and kitchen are now one ample open space for maximum spatial and visual connectivity, as well as cross ventilation. The central part of the house is a double-volume semi-indoor courtyard space where the dining, workspace, staircase and linkway are placed—windows of bedrooms open to this courtyard, allowing vertical communication among family members. […]

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Passive and biophilic design approaches have been adopted in Garisan, a project that comprises 12 new units of 2.5-storey terrace houses in Puchong, Selangor. Externally, the houses are articulated in two form variants, expressing different built heights, colours and textures to break away from the typical monotony of Malaysian terraced house designs. At the front […]

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Creative reinterpretations of historic colonial-era buildings


Many cities in Asia have a number of colonial-era buildings that remain standing till today. Often, these buildings were conceived as public institution, built with good ‘bones’ to support their lives for decades—if not centuries—to come. Yet, many of these buildings have stood empty and unused. This could be due to their functions falling out […]

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Think City Projects Highlight


FuturArc conducted an interview with Gan Yi Reng and Daniel Lim of Think City about placemaking to create more equitable cities. Here are some of their projects. GYR: When we first started in Johor Bahru, we did a baseline study and tried to understand the population and land use of the city. And from there, […]

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