Shi Ban Qiao Mixed-Use Development

This schematic design for a large mixed-use development at the centre of Hangzhou’s historic Shi Ban Qiao district won the design competition that was a part of the Hangzhou Future City project. Conceived as a large-scale urban regeneration development, it seeks to transform an area in the old city centre that is in need of an update into a vibrant community that adds to and integrates itself into the new cultural and green belt that runs across the city. […]

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Jingdezhen Plugin House

Jingdezhen, known as China’s Porcelain Capital, has been producing ceramics for at least 1,000 years, starting from the Han Dynasty up until the present. The Jingdezhen Plugin House is a series of Plugins created for a historic greenware room, which is a ceramic greenware drying workshop, equivalent to today’s raw material preparation and moulding workshop. […]

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URBN Hotel


The architectural team turned a trio of old buildings, including a former artificial limbs factory and a post office, into a boutique hotel. It holds the record as China’s first-of-its-kind carbon-neutral establishment. The architects’ radical approach conveys sensitivity to the environment while redefining what a hotel stay should be like. While the attention to sustainability […]

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Shanghai Greenland Center


At first glance, one would not think that Shanghai’s largest urban park belongs to a shopping mall. The 20,000-square-metre green slope—named Urban Farm—is designed in such a way that the boundaries between the inside and outside have been blurred, creating a lush and spacious arena not only for shoppers but also for the neighbouring community, […]

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Shenzhen Energy Mansion


Images by Chao Zhang Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) as a ‘green’ landmark serving as a model for the 21st-century skyscraper, the state-owned Shenzhen Energy Company’s headquarters in the cultural, political and business centre of China’s Silicon Valley features an undulating building envelope, created to maximise sustainable performance and workplace comfort. Having won the […]

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798 Arts district vision plan


At the time of the plan’s development, Beijing developers were razing and rebuilding much of the city. Rather than tear down the industrial infrastructure and historic buildings influenced by Russian and German presence in the area over the years, Sasaki proposed preserving as much of the existing infrastructure as possible to capture the spirit, history […]

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A degraded 10-mile-long river corridor, covering an area of 484 acres, is ecologically recovered and transformed into a lush and high-performing greenway that reconnects humans with nature. This heals the physical and mental damage done to the local community, who have suffered the degraded environment for decades due to relentless development. Riparian plains have been […]


Silk Road Corridor


For its winning competition scheme, HASSELL has been appointed as design partner for the development of a critical urban area within the new Qianhai business district of Shenzhen, one of China’s important ‘gateway’ cities. As Mawan is a new area in Shenzhen, the plan focused more on strategic concepts; detailed landscape and sustainability input was […]

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An Urban Infill


Built on a hilly site, next to a residential area, with an old concrete portico covered with liana, this office was redeveloped from a large greenhouse that used to belong to the provincial agricultural science institute. Given the building’s special history to the institute and neighbourhood, the architects wanted to minimise environmental interference to the […]

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Mekong in crisis


by Gayatri Mutum Almost a decade ago, the World Bank described the Mekong Delta as one of the most sensitive areas to climate change. That future is now here. About 70 million people reside along the Mekong. It is one of the longest rivers in the world and has a distinctive ecosystem in Southeast Asia. The […]

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Lingang Bird Airport


Lingang Bird Airport is envisioned as a revitalising public space, where it will breathe life into the Tianjin shoreline while functioning as an ecological conservation area. This design has won an international competition (2016 Landscape Concept Design for Stage 2 Lingang Economic Zone (North Zone) Wetland) with the proposal of a wetland bird sanctuary on […]

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