A degraded 10-mile-long river corridor, covering an area of 484 acres, is ecologically recovered and transformed into a lush and high-performing greenway that reconnects humans with nature. This heals the physical and mental damage done to the local community, who have suffered the degraded environment for decades due to relentless development. Riparian plains have been […]


Silk Road Corridor

For its winning competition scheme, HASSELL has been appointed as design partner for the development of a critical urban area within the new Qianhai business district of Shenzhen, one of China’s important ‘gateway’ cities. As Mawan is a new area in Shenzhen, the plan focused more on strategic concepts; detailed landscape and sustainability input was […]

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An Urban Infill


Built on a hilly site, next to a residential area, with an old concrete portico covered with liana, this office was redeveloped from a large greenhouse that used to belong to the provincial agricultural science institute. Given the building’s special history to the institute and neighbourhood, the architects wanted to minimise environmental interference to the […]

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Mekong in crisis


by Gayatri Mutum Almost a decade ago, the World Bank described the Mekong Delta as one of the most sensitive areas to climate change. That future is now here. About 70 million people reside along the Mekong. It is one of the longest rivers in the world and has a distinctive ecosystem in Southeast Asia. The […]

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Lingang Bird Airport


Lingang Bird Airport is envisioned as a revitalising public space, where it will breathe life into the Tianjin shoreline while functioning as an ecological conservation area. This design has won an international competition (2016 Landscape Concept Design for Stage 2 Lingang Economic Zone (North Zone) Wetland) with the proposal of a wetland bird sanctuary on […]

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Mangrove Tetrapods


We have all seen these giant concrete structures by some beaches. Tetrapods—meaning having four legs in Greek—are those quirky four-pronged armour units designed to protect the coastline by dissipating the force of incoming waves—the water flows around, rather than against, it. Although they reduce displacement by their interlocked web structure, these artificial systems tend to be […]

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Resorts and placemaking


“A getaway to a resort is an ideal vacation for travellers seeking to destress from their urban hectic lifestyle, especially one that is set in a serene landscape.” Not only do these resorts offer a respite for weary tourists, they attempt to fit into their localities and implement environmentally friendly initiatives that seek to conserve, respect and respond […]

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The Intercontinental Hotel Songjiang


A hotel built out of an abandoned quarry is not a common endeavour. So once something like that is constructed, it can be a breathtaking sight to behold. The InterContinental Hotel Songjiang will be one such example. Located in Tianma Mountain, Songjiang, Shanghai, the quarry pit is nearly 100 metres deep, surrounded by cliffs, with a pool that came […]

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Myrtle Garden Hotel


Shaped like an infinity loop overlapping another curvilinear structure, the Myrtle Garden Hotel is a striking piece of architecture that attempts to blend into the surrounding landscape. It sits within the largest myrtle flower garden in Asia, and is partially ‘inserted’ into the slope of a small hill, giving it a continuity with the topography. Myrtle Garden Hotel will […]

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Tangshan Organic Farm


The project is a processing workshop for organic food. Raw materials that come from organic food producing areas across the country are collected, processed and packed here, and the finished products are then distributed to other places. Sited on a rectangular flat area covering 6,000 square metres, it is surrounded by villages and farmhouses. Inspired […]

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Jiading Central Park


Located in the Jiading district of Shanghai, Jiading Central Park (JCP) was developed as part of China’s nationwide effort to develop liveable cities. It is an 83-hectare urban park that provides amenities for the nearby neighbourhood as well as the restoration of natural systems within this rapidly expanding district. JCP’s site was adjacent to fallow […]

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