Heron Hall

Residential / 4th Quarter 2021

Heron Hall

December 14, 2021

Heron Hall is the home of Jason F. McLennan and his family. As a Petal-certified LBC project (Water, Place, Health, Happiness), it embodies the philosophy of sustainable architecture through high performance systems and elegant design. It is the fourth residence in the world to achieve the Water Petal of the Living Building Challenge, and collects, stores, treats and reutilises rainwater on-site in a 15,000-gallon cistern for 100 per cent of its water needs.

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Project Name
Heron Hall

Bainbridge Island, WA

Completion Year

Gross Floor Area
3,700 square feet

Number of Rooms

Building Height
2 storeys

Jason F. McLennan

Architecture Firm
McLennan Design

Principal Architect
Jason F. McLennan

Main Contractor
Smallwood Construction

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Integral Group

Civil & Structural Engineer
Mark Porter

Emily Hagopian

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