FS Kindergarten and Nursery

Institutional, Online Exclusive Feature / 2021

FS Kindergarten and Nursery

January 21, 2021

This is a school for 76 children, which is built in the playground of a former facility. Under the characteristic big roof, the architects selected natural materials for the walls, floorings and ceilings.

Blurring the boundaries

In the dining area, children can have their meals in proximity of natural light and wind, thanks to the full-length doors that provide a link to the outside. A large glass window is used as a division, offering the children a connection to the kitchen to pique their curiosity about food preparation, as well as to be able to communicate with the chefs.

There are many interactive spaces for the children to explore and carry out their daily activities. In the atelier space, they can create artworks without worrying about making the floorings dirty. Full-length windows stimulate their creativity with a connection to nature.


Project NameFS Kindergarten and Nursery
LocationUsa, Oita, Japan
Completed dateMarch 2020
Site area1983.97 square metres
Building area608.70 square metres
Total floor area664.93 square metres
Height2 storeys
Design teamHIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro + KIDS DESIGN LABO
Photo creditToshinari Soga (studio BAUHAUS)

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