FGLA 2020 Award: Forest Essentials Facility

Institutional / 2nd Quarter 2020

FGLA 2020 Award: Forest Essentials Facility

June 1, 2020

The design brief outlined the construction of a facility for a skincare company that focuses on reviving the ancient science of Ayurveda. Taking the opportunity to marry a practice steeped in tradition with modern aesthetics, the architects adopted vernacular construction techniques to produce a contemporary project.

Their approach to the design and development of the facility was highly specific to the site topography, climate and the immediate context. The location of the site and the limited availability of resources determined the project’s budgetary and building constraints. The firm set out to create a net-zero building through an integrated design approach, resulting in a free-running and an off-grid facility.


Dr Nirmal Kishnani: As a self-professed prototype, this is noteworthy for a spectrum of achievements. It is a thoughtful adaption of an existing building. It integrates local materials in a pleasing way. The development is net-zero energy, which is no small feat in a cold climate. Lastly, the programme embraces the local community, providing a service to this rural area.

Prof Herbert Dreiseitl: Forest Essentials Facility presents its architectural profile in an honest, clear and transparent form. The jury was most impressed by the well-selected materials and craftsmanship. The architecture is simple and clear to understand, a perfect orientation with best conditions to do productive good work. This entry handles energy and resources well, making this institution a very liveable place.

Prof Chrisna du Plessis: This project is a true embodiment of Green leadership in its careful consideration of site and climate, use of local materials and traditions, multilayered community engagement, the net-zero approach to energy and water management, and a commitment to the wellbeing of not only the occupants, but also of the larger systems in which it is situated. It also is a true expression of the brand philosophy of the user-client, an Ayurvedic skincare company, which aims to harmonise “ancient wisdom with modern aesthetics”.

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Project Name Forest Essentials Facility

Location Lodsi, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Completion Date August 2019

Site Area 0.5 acres

Gross Floor Area 10,000 square feet

Client/Owner Mountain Valley Springs Pvt. Ltd.

Images/Photos Drawings: Morphogenesis Images: Morphogenesis; Mountain Valley Springs Pvt Ltd

Architecture Firm Morphogenesis

Principal Architects Sonali Rastogi; Manit Rastogi

Main Contractor Abdul Rehman

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer Stellar India

Civil & Structural Engineer Suneet Prasad

Environmental Consultant Morphogenesis

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