Diu Bicycle infrastructure

Landscape / Mar - Apr 2016

Diu Bicycle infrastructure

March 22, 2016

The Union Territory of Diu is a beach town located on the western coast of India. The number of tourists it attracts every year is 16 times its population due to its landscape, environment and rich colonial heritage.

The administration felt the need to change the current trends by envisioning Green and people-friendly development as opposed to being car-friendly. The idea was to project Diu as an important tourist destination. The first step was to change the mobility patterns, which would make movement through the town
convenient and safe. The project was conceived with the aim of not only being eco-friendly and low on pollution, but also a viable alternative to motorised transit modes.

A comprehensive walking and cycling infrastructure, beachfront development and activity areas were planned with the vision that the pedestrians or cyclists will be able to access popular destinations without getting on the road. The cycling network is proposed in three phases, comprising 4.3, 11.5 and 15 kilometres of cycling paths. The first 4.3-kilometre stretch was recently launched.


Project Name Diu Bicycle Infrastructure blank
Location Union Territory of Diu
Client Owner Administration of Diu
Architecture Firm Center for green mobility
Principal Architect Anuj Malhotra
Main Contractors Public Works
Images/Photos Center for Green Mobility

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