Agora Cancer Research Pole

Institutional / 2nd Quarter 2022

Agora Cancer Research Pole

June 15, 2022

Behnisch Architekten’s first project to introduce a highly-sophisticated, geometrical fixed sunshading grid, the Agora Cancer Research Pole in Lausanne, Switzerland, aims to offer sun protection that allows practically unobstructed views of the environment while keeping the summer sun out, facilitating ambient light into the depth of the room and permitting the winter sun to partially enter the space.

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As Agora’s building mass is freely shaped with complex volumes, tilted walls and corners merging at geometrically complicated angles, with hardly any façade being vertical, individual elements had to be calculated and produced for each situation. The façade was computer simulated and tested for sun and heat protection, light enhancement and glare, proving that the performance of this newly-developed fixed sunscreen is much greater than any other fixed or movable sunshading device.

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Project Name
Agora Cancer Research Pole

Project Location
Lausanne, Switzerland

Completion Year

Fondation ISREC

UNIL (Université de Lausanne); EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Behnisch Architekten Stuttgart; Stefan Behnisch; Stefan Rappold

Stefan Behnisch

Project Leader
Cornelia Wust

Natasa Bogojevic; Ioana Fagarasan; Michael Innerarity; Matthias Jäger; Heinrich Lipp (Wbw); François Servera; Saori Yamane

Partner Architect
Fehlmann Architectes SA

David Matthiessen

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