Adidas World of Sports Arena

Institutional / 2nd Quarter 2022

Adidas World of Sports Arena

June 15, 2022

For the Adidas World of Sports Arena office in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the façade elements are larger than on Agora to match its monumental scale, more structurally complex and attached on each floor to a vertical frame. Highly challenging as the building’s thermal envelope is fully glazed, the fixed sunshading system consists of opaque and perforated aluminium panels mounted to a reinforced steel frame, and open wings, spaced 2.7 metres apart, guarantee excellent views from within.

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Behnisch Architekten developed a system adapted to the orientation of each façade and taking into account the sun’s varying angles during the day and throughout the year, with the spring, summer and fall sun mostly blocked, and the winter sun shining directly onto the glass. A simulation of the building’s thermodynamics made it possible to geometrically optimise the equilibrium between daylighting and heat gain. The building has been submitted for LEED Gold certification in light of its energy-efficiency standards and wide use of recyclable materials.

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Project Name
adidas World of Sports ARENA

Herzogenaurach, Germany

Completion Year

Gross Floor Area
52,000 square metres

adidas AG

Architect and General Contractor
Behnisch Architekten Stuttgart

Project Leaders
Stefan Rappold (Partner); Cornelia Wust  

Nadine Hoss; Carina Steidele; Dennis Wirth; Nevyana Tomeva; Martin Buchall; Jorge Carvajal; Laetitia Pierlot; Saori Yamane; Adriana Potlog; Ioana Fagarasan; Anna-Lena Wörn; Abdalrahman Alshorafa; Arlette Haker; Hamdy Saflo; Matteo Cavalli; Mahboubeh Shoeybi; Andreas Peyker; Nadine Waldmann 

David Matthiessen

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