Redefining retail and entertainment experience in Kai Tak: The Twins


Redefining retail and entertainment experience in Kai Tak: The Twins


In the vibrant centre of Hong Kong’s Kowloon East stands The Twins, Lifestyle International’s highly anticipated flagship shopping and lifestyle project, which is scheduled to open in September 2024. The development reflects the dynamism of the city, harnessing the collective genius of 8 renowned design agencies, including CURIOSITY Inc., the mastermind behind the award-winning Ginza Six retail complex, together with AGC Design Limited, Design Systems Ltd., DLN Architects Limited, FHAMS Co., Ltd, LWK & Partners (HK) Limited, MOMENT Inc. and New Office Works Limited. Guided by the motto of “Different Together”, the two towers of the project offer distinct elements that seamlessly converge to create a boundless customer experience.

The Italian granite stone façade of both towers, spanning a staggering 280,000 square feet, and the towering 10-metre glass storefront make for a grand entrance. In the spirit of the project’s motto, a shared visual design feature of dynamic weave motifs ties Tower I and Tower II together, yet each offers diverse product experiences and spatial activations. Embodying a fusion of artistry and design in its 1.1 million square feet of total retail space, The Twins promises a remarkable journey for visitors.

Tower I is positioned as a luxury hub with a modern touch, reimagining the traditional department store with a contemporary Japanese aesthetic. It is a thematic wonderland of storytelling, featuring a wide range of colour palettes and materials to express the diverse product offerings. Each floor presents a unique ambiance, carefully curated to showcase its function and aesthetic with the use of natural materials like wood and stone to evoke a warm and welcoming atmosphere, all the while expressing a customer-centric approach.

Tower II offers a multisensory journey of self-discovery with a blend of digital and analogue elements. It comprises three vertical clusters that create a contemporary experience with digital installations that interact with the surroundings on different floors. The first cluster (G/F–2F) propels visitors forward with curved, spinning elements and black metal panels. The second (3/F–5F) is crafted with unexpected materials and unique themes that invite exploration. The ‘waterscape’ concept of the third (6/F–8F) offers a soothing escape with special lighting and water-themed elements.

The Twins is more than a remarkable design; it boasts a plethora of exceptional facilities. This includes Sky Gardens, expansive 35-metre-long escalators, and dedicated parking facilities for electric vehicles are just some of the highlights. The Sky Gardens is adorned with timber, beige tone tiles, a rhythmic interplay of lines, as well as artwork by globally recognized artists. It is accented by over 61,000 square feet of greenery that makes up close to 40 per cent of the site area. Additionally, four immense 35-metre-long escalators efficiently connect the various zones, enhancing the visitor experience on their voyage of discovery.

Committed to sustainability, the project has adopted an eco-conscious approach, pledging to recycle and reuse at least 30 per cent of construction waste with on-site renewable energy sources. Innovative structural design ensures optimal space utilisation while minimising layout impacts. Smart lighting systems adapt to natural lighting conditions while energy-efficient materials enhance visual appeal and functionality of the space.

With its breathtaking design, meticulous attention to detail and focus on sustainability, The Twins is destined to become a world-class lifestyle retail complex in Kowloon East, offering visitors unparalleled sensory experiences that redefine retail and entertainment.

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