Schüco aluminium lift-and-slide system

Schüco aluminium lift-and-slide system

Maximum user comfort, security and design: An excellent combination

Schüco lift-and-slide systems offers excellent weathertightness while also providing sound reduction when it’s closed. Designs with up to three parallel tracks allow large opening widths and therefore flexible use in large glass constructions.

Schüco Sliding and Lift-and-Slide System ASE 60

New living and lifestyle requirements demand clever and creative solutions. Unrestricted ease of access, maximum comfort and a puristic design need not be a contradiction. The new generation of Schüco ASE 60 sliding systems enable almost any choice of individual configuration.

Technical information
System basic depth60 mmUw value of window (≥)  1.1 W/(m²·K)  
Minimum face width40 mmUf value of frame (≥)1.8 W/(m²·K)
Maximum glass/panel thickness40 mmMax. sound reduction Rwp41 dB(A)
Maximum vent width3500 mmAir permeabilityClass 4
Maximum vent height3500 mmWind load resistanceClass C5 / B5
Maximum vent weight500 kgWatertightnessE 900​

Schüco Sliding and Lift-and-Slide System ASS 50.NI

Schüco ASS 50.NI (non-insulated) sliding and lift-and-slide system offers optimum solutions with high transparency. With its narrow profile face widths, the aluminium construction enables large glass areas to be created permitting maximum light penetration, all whilst requiring a minimum amount of space and generating almost no noise when the sliding units move.

Technical information
System basic depth50 mmNumber of tracksDouble track
Min. face width84 mmAir permeabilityC
Maximum glass/panel thickness32 mmWatertightnessClass 7B
Maximum vent width3000 mmWind load resistanceClass C5
Maximum vent height3500 mmProof of durabilityClass 3
Maximum vent weight150 kgOperating forcesClass 1
Burglar resistanceUp to RC2Surface finishesPowder, Paint

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