ARDS Studio designs the striking Ramen Sanpachi 38 using Colorbond cladding


ARDS Studio designs the striking Ramen Sanpachi 38 using Colorbond cladding

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The design brief of Ramen Sanpachi 38, located in Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) Park, was to create a strongly themed Japanese restaurant that emphasises the Japanese values of simplicity and earthiness. To achieve this, ARDS Studio developed the design around four main components: geometry, lighting, arrangement and natural elements.

According to Dara Setyohadi as the Founder, Creative Director and Principal Designer of ARDS Studio, the designers aimed to create a striking experience for visitors by presenting an industrial-style exterior that is complemented a warm and bright Japanese-style interior. The materials predominantly used are wood, steel, aluminium, roster walls and natural stone, resulting in a minimalist, modern and aesthetic contemporary interior. The wooden lath structures create a dynamic and contrasting façade that allow natural light to flood the inner spaces. Additionally, the use of porous roster walls add the warmth that is a key characteristic of the Japanese concept.

The combination of wooden lath materials is enhanced with Colorbond cladding using the Optima NS Bluescope Lysaght in the Trimdek profile in Cape Charcoal colour. The colours and designs made possible by using Colorbond products offer a dramatic and elegant canvas for the establishment. ARDS Studio chose to use Colorbond for its aesthetic appeal, versatility, weather resistance and sustainability thanks to its durability and recyclability, as well as its effectiveness and efficiency in application and maintenance.

Moreover, Colorbond’s Thermatek technology helps minimise heat transmission, which is especially crucial for building F&B or commercial spaces. ARDS Studio aims to create a comfortable atmosphere using materials that are not only long-lasting but also capable of reducing interior heat.

Colorbond’s self-cleaning technology further allows the material to be cleaned by rain, maintaining its colour without requiring special cleaning.

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