Phnom Penh Sustainable City Plan 2018-2030

Phnom Penh Sustainable City Plan 2018-2030

Vision: By 2030, Phnom Penh will become a clean, Green and competitive city offering a safe and quality lifestyle to its residents.

The Phnom Penh Sustainable City Plan provides a roadmap for Cambodian policymakers, local administrators and their national and international development partners in order to pursue the implementation of urban green growth defined as tackling climate change, while simultaneously pursuing economic development, poverty alleviation and social inclusion. The target audience of this document is therefore multiple stakeholders, and includes national and municipal officials, as well as representatives of private sector, development agencies, non-governmental organizations and academia.

The Phnom Penh Sustainable City Plan is accompanied by a Green City Strategic Planning Methodology, which is a step-by-step guide for municipalities, district and commune officials and the relevant stakeholders of each municipality across Cambodia seeking to embark on the process of transforming their cities towards green growth. The methodology supports cities to assess and prioritise Green growth options (investment projects and policy reforms) for implementation. This methodology holistically considers all aspects of Green urban development, such as low-carbon development, climate resilience, resource efficiency, as well as social inclusion and poverty alleviation. The methodology has ten steps as outlined below:

• Step 1: Establishment of sustainable city planning governance
• Step 2: Baseline assessment of the urban context
• Step 3: Setting a sustainable city shared vision, mission and urban development goals
• Step 4: Review of the key urban sectors for urban green growth
• Step 5: Establishing urban green growth priority objectives and actions for the key sectors
• Step 6: Identification of potential sustainable city development projects
• Step 7: Prioritising sustainable city development projects
• Step 8: Envisaging urban green growth scenarios
• Step 9: Preparing the list of priority sustainable city projects
• Step 10: Implementation arrangements for the Sustainable City Plan

The Phnom Penh Sustainable City Plan was successfully developed through a joint effort and multi-stakeholder engagement. The Plan also includes a list 48 potential green investment projects and each project has its rational and contextualised description including a detailed analysis of the risk factors and opportunities to support project prioritisation and implementation.

For more information, please visit Phnom Penh Sustainble City Plan 2018-2030.