Opening of Sky Green in Taichung, Taiwan

Opening of Sky Green in Taichung, Taiwan

29 November 2019, Taichung, Taiwan — WOHA announced the completion of their first project in Taichung, Taiwan. In 2012, WOHA was invited by the Taichung City Government and Feng Chia University to bring its exhibition Breathing Architecture to Taichung. This exhibition was part of a programme initiated by the city government’s Gateway Project Masterplan that focused on the design principles of sustainability, low carbon emissions and smart cities. The government was in the process of drafting new regulations to make Taichung a Greener, more liveable city in its next phase of development. 

Sky Green Tower A – Image by Koumin Lee

The developer Golden Jade, with Feng Chia University as an advisor, commissioned WOHA to design a Green and sustainable mixed-use development in the heart of the city, the first of its kind in Taichung. Sky Green comprises residential apartments and retail shops, as well as generous recreational facilities in two towers. 

“We are very happy to have been a part of this collaboration between policymakers, academia and the private sector, to design the future of sustainable housing in Taichung,” said Mun Summ Wong, founding director of WOHA. “One building can’t change a city but we hope that Sky Green is the first of many more.” 

Green landscaping is a key material palette in creating the building envelope for the rising residential towers as well as bringing nature into high-rise living. Tower A apartments have extended balconies with trees and Tower B apartments have a soft, green creeper mesh screen on their façade. Sky gardens at every five floors within the block dissolve the boundaries between interior and exterior as the residents enjoy nature and fresh air in a high-rise environment. 

“Working with WOHA on Sky Green has brought a global perspective to our company vision and sustainability goals,” said David Zhang, chairman of Golden Jade Corporation. “Sky Green was first conceptualised seven years ago and WOHA came on board a year later. Now, after five years of construction, we are happy to present the outcome of this collaborative effort.” 

Tower A sky garden and landscaped balconies – Images by Koumin Lee

WOHA has developed their designs over 25 years, with many prototypes successfully built in Singapore and other regions. The design of Sky Green has been adapted to suit the local culture and subtropical climate, as well as to ensure safety during earthquakes and typhoons. As the first high-density development in Taichung that also provides high amenity with its generous recreation facilities and ample integrated green spaces, Sky Green will be influential in defining the new benchmark of sustainability and sky-rise greenery for the city’s future developments. 

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