Newater, Newoil, Newsand

Newater, Newoil, Newsand

Moving on from Newater, Singapore has big plans for Newsand – a promising new construction material culled from incineration waste.

More ambitiously, it wants to create Newoil – using discarded plastic to replace fossil fuels.

The country is looking at developing its chemical recycling industry and establishing a pilot plant for this, said Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor yesterday. “If successful, this will move us closer to both our goals of being a zero-waste nation and a low-carbon economy,” she said.

Later this year, the National Environment Agency (NEA) will test potential Newsand materials – made from incinerated bottom ash and slag – in road construction in Tanah Merah Coast Road.

By 2022, the NEA will also implement a deposit refund scheme for beverage containers, such as PET bottles. Under the scheme, consumers get a refund when they return used beverage containers to producers via designated return points.

Come 2024, premises that generate large amounts of food waste will be required by law to segregate the waste for treatment.

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