First movers of carbon emission reduction

First movers of carbon emission reduction

Singapore, 13 January 2021 — The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) honoured 12 organisations with the GreenDNA certification as champions of environmental stewardship in Singapore. These exemplary organisations were awarded the GreenDNA certificate by Guest-of-Honour, Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment of Singapore. Held earlier today, the GreenDNA Certification Launch and Award Presentation Ceremony marked what could be the start of a new wave of companies and businesses seeking to be future ready to take advantage of an emerging Green economy. 

Holders of the GreenDNA certification attained an added edge as they transformed their business and organisational practices, mindsets and actions tuned to a sustainability agenda that is fast gaining ascendancy in the recovery period of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

SEC’s GreenDNA is a system that helps businesses and organisations optimise their resources, lower carbon emissions and attain climate action achievements by encoding Green practices into the DNA of the organisation and its employees. The GreenDNA is built on the back of SEC’s Eco Certification and Green Label programmes that lay down clear goals and measurable targets using metrics tracking energy/carbon reduction, water efficiency and waste management, amongst other things. 

In addition, other requirements including fulfilment of designated training programmes, showing improvements in resource consumption that lead to positive outcomes and meeting clearly set indicators are necessary. 

The list of these first-mover organisations receiving the GreenDNA certification comprises a wide spread of businesses from banking, business services, consumer, construction, F&B, hospitality, property and transport. They include local companies, SMEs and international businesses.


Isabella Huang-Loh, Chairman, Singapore Environment Council, said, “I am heartened to see so many companies today, from local to global and SMEs from various sectors, coming forward to take this bold but necessary step. Collectively, the 12 companies have committed to reduce their current baseline of 0.138 million tonnes CO2e by 10 per cent. This is a great start to a collective effort. I believe this is only the start of a new wave as more organisations and businesses begin to accept the reality that the sustainability agenda is critical to their success. GreenDNA is one of the newest enablers that would help to achieve the 36 per cent carbon intensity reduction target by 2030.”

Jen Teo, Executive Director, Singapore Environment Council, said “With SEC’s GreenDNA in support, we look forward to helping all stakeholders turn the tide on carbon emission. In the process, new technologies and innovations will be introduced and adopted to help accelerate decarbonisation and hopefully we will get to see some companies arrive at carbon negative.” 

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List of GreenDNA Certificate Recipients 

No. Name of Company 
1. SBS Transit Ltd 
2. Grand Hyatt Singapore 
3. Procter & Gamble (Singapore) Pte Ltd 
4. Arcadis Singapore Pte Ltd 
5. Office Planner P/L 
6. DBS Bank Ltd 
7. Frasers Property Aquamarine Trustee Pte Ltd 
8. DTC World Corporation 
9. ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited 
10. Frog’ys Pte Ltd  (French Café Name: Merci Marcel) 
11. City Developments Limited (CDL) 
12. Jim & Hall’s Pte Ltd 

List of Eco Office+ Certificate Recipients 

No. Name of Company 
1. Attorney-General’s Chambers 
2. Tampines Town Council