A resilient Singapore

A resilient Singapore

A joint title between CLC and 100 Resilient Cities, A Resilient Singapore is a book that explores two key resilience changes: climate change and changing demographics, both of which have significant impact across different sectors. Through research and engagements with stakeholders, this publication has identified several goals and opportunities that can further build resilience. It demonstrates through a series of case studies that resilience is as much about engaging and involving communities as it is about building robust infrastructure.

In his foreword, Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance, Singapore, noted, “As a small city-state with limited natural resources, we were keenly aware of the need to adapt and evolve to our constantly changing circumstances. Hence, we focus on long-term urban planning, and develop contingency plans for different scenarios. Building an increasingly resilient Singapore is an ongoing journey, where the results hinge on the combined efforts of the government, our communities and stakeholders.”

In his message, Michael Berkowitz, President, 100 Resilient Cities, shared, “In this Resilience narrative, Singapore has documented how it has been successful in implementing its resilience plans and overcoming its challenges. But it has also asked some difficult questions and recognised continued challenges that will shape Singapore’s future. I hope this document can be instructive and a starting point for deeper global collaboration on important issues impacting cities today.”

Download a copy of the ebook here: https://www.clc.gov.sg/research-publications/publications/books/view/a-resilient-singapore.

For more information, please visit: https://www.clc.gov.sg/research-publications/publications/books/view/a-resilient-singapore.