Partnership to reduce carbon in the world’s largest building market

Jul - Aug 2018

Partnership to reduce carbon in the world’s largest building market

August 28, 2018

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) and China Green Building Council (China GBC) have announced a partnership to collaborate efforts to increase Green buildings around the world and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. This partnership is significant as China is the largest building construction market in the world, with up to 2 billion square metres constructed annually, accounting for nearly half of new construction globally in the coming decade.

“The significance of bringing China into the global Green building movement cannot be underestimated. Just as China has sought to assert its commitment to combat climate change on the global stage, this partnership marks a new era in cooperation between the world’s largest Green construction market and our community of Green Building Councils in over 70 countries. We look forward to learning from their expertise and experience as we seek to create Green buildings for everyone, everywhere,” shared Terri Wills, CEO, WorldGBC.

Professor Wang Youwei, Chairman, China GBC, said, “We are strongly committed to healthy and low-carbon developments in China and in this respect, we are delighted to become a partner with WorldGBC. This partnership will enable China to learn from global best practices, share the progress we have made in China, and to accelerate our commitments made in the Paris Agreement.”

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