Green initiatives implemented in Swire hotels for sustainable hospitality

Jul - Aug 2017

Green initiatives implemented in Swire hotels for sustainable hospitality

May 31, 2017

Swire Hotels has recently announced measures that are dedicated to developing eco-friendly hotels—EAST Hong Kong, Beijing and Miami—with new programmes that form part of the new sustainable development strategy launched by Swire Properties, Swire Hotels’ parent company. Under this new strategy, Swire Properties identifies and manages the full spectrum of its environmental, social and economic impacts. One of the key aspects is the development of environmentally sound buildings that are built based on an integrated design approach that incorporates Green concepts throughout the building’s life cycle, from planning and design to operation and maintenance.

In EAST Hong Kong, the Urban Garden project has been initiated to promote a healthier lifestyle by using fresh ingredients in their dishes. The garden houses pesticide- and chemical-free herbs including basil, mint, parsley and coriander. In addition, an organic waste disposal system uses a biological process where natural enzymes breakdown leftover food into nutrient-rich water that is virtually odour-free and disposable through the existing sewage treatment facilities. EAST Beijing serves the Jane Goodall Low-Carbon Organic Yunnan coffee blend. A portion of all proceeds is donated to the Jane Goodall Institute in China, which promotes environmental protection and sustainability. The hotel also supplies guests with iPods that are pre-loaded with information about the hotel and its surrounding areas to reduce paper usage. EAST Miami has incorporated the Climate Ribbon at its outdoor pool and deck area to bring trade winds from the ocean into the property, as well as to shade shops and terraces from direct sunlight. Furthermore, a smart pump is installed to regulate water pressure throughout the hotel, which includes an electronic water loss prevention system in case of leaks or pipe damage. The hotel also collects and reuses rainwater for the cooling tower and all landscaping treatments.

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