FuturArc Readership Survey 2021

4th Quarter 2021

FuturArc Readership Survey 2021

December 14, 2021

Over the past one year plus, it has been a tremendous trial to keep our content relevant and to be able to get FuturArc out to our readers when almost every aspect of the editorial process has been disrupted one way or another—whether in terms of contact with our contributors or sources; delay at the printing press; and distribution or mailing services being at the mercy of lockdowns. Nonetheless, we are still standing amidst it all, in no small part due to our readers and partners, during which we also had the chance to explore and improve on other means to get FuturArc content out while still producing the print issue four times a year.

A big thank you to all readers who completed our 2021 online survey conducted in October. This has given us an invaluable chance to keep updated with our readers’ preferences and suggestions, especially since we have all gone through a challenging health crisis last year—it is timely to get back in touch with our readership. Here we present a snapshot of the survey results.

Readership profile

FuturArc’s readership profile comprises predominantly of people within the architectural practice, followed by students or those in academia and developers. This reflects the kind of content we provide, which focuses on sustainable and Green practices with an educative approach.

What is your line of business?

In addition, most FuturArc readers are decision makers of their project specification teams; 85 per cent are in a position to influence product evaluation, selection and specification. Additionally, three out of four readers say that their decision-making is influenced by the advertising and content that they read in the magazine.

Do you influence product evaluation, selection and specification for projects?

Is your product specification or decision-making process influenced by advertising or content you see in FuturArc?

Content engagement

FuturArc content reflects accurately its readers’ interests. As it is all about the future of Green architecture, hence, design ideas and projects play a dominant role in the editorial table of content. Commensurately, the magazine’s content that covers ‘Design Ideas’, ‘Projects’ (both at 94 per cent) and ‘Interviews/People’ alongside ‘Events/News’ (both at 80 per cent) are read the most.

Nine in 10 readers say the content is relevant to their profession, and that they are exposed to new technologies, innovation and products.

Most FuturArc readers prefer to access our content through the print magazine (60 per cent), with the website rising in popularity over the years. Almost half of the readers visit the site on a monthly basis, prompted by email alerts from FuturArc newsletter to not miss out on newest updates.

Readers’ comments and suggestions

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