FuturArc Prize 2022: Reinterpretation

FuturArc Prize 2022

4th Quarter 2021

FuturArc Prize 2022: Reinterpretation

December 14, 2021

The long-awaited Green design competition is back for its next cycle!

FUTURARC PRIZE (FAP) 2022 asks how private spaces in Asia could be reinterpreted as new spaces that are safe, inviting, sustainable and good—utilised for the benefit of the public.

Buildings sitting empty has become a more common sight since the start of the current health crisis. What should we do about these buildings that still have the bones and structural integrity to support activities and life? How could we put them to use for the greater good?

FAP 2022 asks students to submit their best proposals to reinterpret an existing built entity as a public property that is safe, inviting, sustainable and gives back to the community. There will be cash prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best proposals, as well as select number of citations. Additionally, winners will have their entries showcased in FuturArc’s print and digital platforms, an opportunity of a lifetime to publicise their work on a regional, and even international, scale.

For more details on the brief, registration and submission, visit: www.futurarc.com/fap2022.

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