First site-specific study to commence for a flood-resilient master plan


2nd Quarter 2021

First site-specific study to commence for a flood-resilient master plan

July 8, 2021

The National Water Agency PUB will commence a site-specific study along Singapore’s City-East Coast, looking into possible solutions to protect it from the threat of rising seas caused by climate change. This is the first of a series of planned studies for different parts of Singapore’s coastline to be progressively carried out over the next few years, and are a key plank in Singapore’s long-term coastal protection plans.

The study covers 57.8 kilometres of the coastline, across three areas— Changi, the East Coast-Marina stretch and part of the Greater Southern Waterfront district. This section of the coastline had been identified to be more vulnerable and critical based on factors such as the potential impact of a flood event, criticality of assets (e.g., airports, economic and industrial districts) and opportunities to dovetail with upcoming developments.

The study will take around four years to complete, and will include work such as literature review for international best practices; collecting site data to support design works; formulating adaptation measures and pathways; and developing the designs of solutions to mitigate flood risks.

Building local expertise and engaging with stakeholders
To enhance PUB’s knowledge and expertise in coastal engineering, the agency has formed a Coastal Protection Expert Panel, comprising both local and international experts in the relevant fields. The panel will share international best practices and planning considerations, and will provide advice that will allow PUB to build new capabilities and aid in its overall planning efforts. The panel is chaired by Professor Chan Eng Soon, Chief Executive Officer of the Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS). Panel members include coastal engineering experts such as Professor Marcel Stive, a Dutch engineer internationally recognised for his work in coastal solutions; Professor Robert Nicholls from the United Kingdom (UK), an expert in climate change and sea-level rise who was involved in the Building and Construction Authority’s Coastal Adaptation Study (2013- 2019); and Professor Robert Dalrymple from the US, who specialises in coastal processes. Professor David Balmforth, who is based in the UK and an expert on urban flood risk assessment, rounds out the five-member panel.

Coastal protection is a complex and long-term undertaking. Besides consulting experts, PUB also intends to adopt a collaborative approach as they develop the strategies and solutions to protect Singapore’s coastlines. The agency will work closely with the community and relevant stakeholders, including nature groups and businesses, to seek their feedback on the proposed coastal protection measures and explore opportunities to create a vibrant living environment in harmony with nature.

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