We are all living in a material world

Commentary / Sep - Oct 2016

We are all living in a material world

by Miriel Ko

September 28, 2016

We Are All Living In A Material World

by Miriel Ko

For architects, designers and builders alike, the selection of materials can differentiate between projects, which only adds to the complexity. How one develops their style, builds their material palette or efficiently constructs and uses materials is a large part of the design process. It not only affects the shape and form of a buildings, but also what impact it will have on the building’s occupants.

Though perhaps challenging at times, architects and designers can play an important role in discovering new methods to build and use materials in such a way that is not consuming or damaging to the environment. In fact, some architects find that the use of sustainable materials or designing with materials efficiently can allow them to build buildings that are not only beautiful, but make sense in the communities and environments they are in.

Whether opting to go local, natural or modular, material selection can be less about materialism and more about the planet and the people who inhabit it.

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