We are 10!

Main Feature / May - Jun 2016

We are 10!

May 3, 2016

In celebration of FuturArc’s 10th anniversary this year, we dedicate the Main Feature of this issue to look at how FuturArc has evolved over the past decade, what our readers think about us, and what their favourite stories are. We asked FuturArc readers to vote for their favourite FuturArc Interview, Commentary and Project over the past years. In this special section, we are sharing the survey results. The lucky draw winner of a 16GB iPad Air 2 is Prachi Chauhan. The 10 fastest respondents and those who have submitted the 10 most heartfelt testimonials win a complimentary one-year FuturArc subscription and a complimentary copy of Architecture@16. Abstracts of the most popular stories are reprinted in the following pages. To read the full articles, please visit www.futurarc.com.

Second most popular interview
Chrisna du Plessis, Associate Professor, Sustainable Construction Department of Construction Economics, University of
Pretoria by Dr Nirmal Kishnani, Mar-Apr 2015 Hospitality issue
Third most popular interview
Rahul Mehrotra, Professor and Chair, Department of Urban Planning and Design, Graduate School of Design, Harvard
University by Dr Nirmal Kishnani, May-Jun 2015 Green Awards issue

Second most popular project
Sandcrawler, Jul-Aug 2015 The Biophilic Space issue
Third most popular project
The Star Vista, Sep-Oct 2015 Energy issue

Second most popular commentary
Practising Regenerative Design and Development by Dominique Hes and Chrisna du Plessis, May-Jun 2015 Green Awards issue
Third most popular commentary
How Smart is Your City by Louis White, Sep-Oct 2014 Liveable Cities issue

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