Water Becomes the New Crude and Other Things

Commentary / 1st Quarter 2021

Water Becomes the New Crude and Other Things

by Praveen Nair

April 20, 2021

The next few years will see water become intensively harnessed for energy purposes. With fossil fuels in limited supply and its utilisation causing great harm to the environment, water could be seen as a cleaner and renewable alternative for energy production. This article will discuss three water-based technologies with respect to energy production.


As the world gets warmer with a more affluent urban population, the demand for energy-intensive cooling is expected to climb. Consequently, energy consumption from the use of air-conditioning units will triple by 20501. Typically, fluorinated chemical refrigerants called hydrocarbons are used to absorb heat to cool warm air inside rooms. These harmful chemicals are later released into the environment when these units are disposed.


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