A look back at 2022: Readers’ favourites & most-viewed stories

Commentary, Online Exclusive Feature / 2022

A look back at 2022: Readers’ favourites & most-viewed stories

December 30, 2022

From all the print and online stories FuturArc published this year, which were most popular? Which ones struck a chord with our readers? And what can we learn to face increasing climate and planetary challenges in the years ahead? Over Instagram votes and taking into account the view counts of each post, here’s a wrap up of our stories from 2022!

Across categories, here are readers’ favourite stories …

Online Exclusive Feature: Pari Klegung

Known colloquially in Indonesia as a warung, the eatery of Pari Klegung is a community-centred business where local dishes are cooked by a team of villagers, and visitors’ parking is managed by the neighbours. It welcomes everyone to cherish the ‘whispers’ of an adjacent river and the rustle of trees. Read more:

Commentary: Ways to upcycle water and waste in buildings

An important tenet of sustainability is to make good use of what already exists. This means reusing existing buildings instead of demolishing them (which is energy-intensive and emits a large amount of carbon to the atmosphere), and on top of that, to upcycle things that are usually considered as excesses or waste. This could include sunlight, rainwater run-off, kitchen waste, discarded materials and so on. Here, we present several ideas to reuse water and kitchen waste that can be applied across many typologies. Read more:

Dialogue: In Conversation with Eko Prawoto

What happens after Nature shifts and stirs? This is a question that people living in disaster-prone areas often deal with in an urgent, life-or-death manner. Some disasters linger in the collective memory due to their unforeseen magnitude, such as in 2006 when an earthquake destroyed the entire region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Within a span of minutes, over 140,000 structures were heavily impacted, leaving many residents homeless with little to no recovery plan. The matter of rehousing quickly gained national attention—and for architect Eko Prawoto, it began a personal journey of involvement out of his deep care for fellow villagers. Read more:

The FuturArc Interview: Excerpts from FuturArc Prize 2022 Jury Meeting

This year, we conducted our first-ever virtual jury meeting for FuturArc Prize, where jurors* Anton Siura, Carlos Bañón, Daniel Lim and Quang Vu Linh had a candid dialogue on the top-scoring entries as well as their views on this cycle’s theme and advice for real-life applications. Read more:

Readers’ favourite cover of 2022 …

As a quarterly magazine, FuturArc is published four times a year, with covers that illustrate each issue’s specific theme. Our readers voted on their favourite cover of 2022, which is the 1st Quarter issue from March, focusing on Housing Asia!


What makes a house a home? What is a Green living space? In the print edition of FuturArc 1Q 2022: Housing Asia, we examine housing—a basic right for all—from the various dimensions of sustainability: environmental, economic and sociocultural.

It is not enough just to have the bare bones of a roof over one’s head to call a house a home. In Asia, the question of having enough or sufficient housing is still a mammoth work-in-progress task to address—it is about closing the gap.

Our 2nd, 3rd and 4th Quarter issues this year also played with bold pops of colour on its covers; we aim to grab readers’ attention to focus on sustainability-related stories. Click through each cover to see an overview of each issue.


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The most-read stories from each print issue …

From 1Q 2022: Project | Permeability Housed

Published in our Housing Asia issue, this one-of-a-kind dwelling is an ‘evolving’ piece of architectural canvas that is continuously being explored upon. In lieu of a brick façade, it is enclosed by a network of planters, jalousie screens and irrigation—imbuing the living space with transience and dynamism. Read the excerpt here:

From 2Q 2022: Commentary | Re-Emergence of the Vernacular in India

We evaluated novel technologies and traditional wisdom alike in our New & Re-Emerging Architecture issue—and a reconsideration of what already exists proved to be most relevant to our readers. This story takes a look at alternative building materials that are at the brink of being lost.  Read the excerpt here:

From 3Q 2022: Showcase | Ragunan Bio Park

Can a hardscaped zoo be reimagined to put animal welfare at the forefront—and be realistically executed? This balancing act between ideals and practicality is a recurring theme in our Green Awards: Reinterpretation issue, explored within various competition-winning proposals.  Read the excerpt here:

From 4Q 2022: Commentary | Form Follows Political Paradigm

Our latest Year-End issue looks at Policy vs Practicality, Practice vs Principles, Progress vs Planet. This commentary piece asks: what is the right direction to take to build a ‘future legacy’, and moreover, what should be our underlying attitude?  Read the excerpt here:

We would like to thank all our contributors for illuminating each issue with their perspectives and insight, as well as our partners and readers. See you again in 2023 with more stories and focus features!

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