Project / 2nd Quarter 2020

FGLA 2020 Merit: Forest in the Sky

The most eye-catching feature about this project is clearly the way the architecture is covered by lush greenery, giving the impression of a building in a jungle. The eco-resort, set amidst the forest landscape of Tam DaoMountain, harmonises its form with the surrounding nature, giving the effect of the greenery climbing up on the building towards the sky—hence, the name of the project.

Inspired by the vertical forest architecture made famous by Stefano Boeri, this green ‘jungle building’ plays host to more than 75,000 plants of all types, including shrubs, vines, colourful flora, and trees. They spill out from irregularly placed balconies and crawl up the sides of the structure, up to 100 metres high—calling to mind an imagery much like that of the hanging gardens of ...






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