FuturArc Prize 2012

FuturArc Prize

The FuturArc Prize was launched in 2007 by the BCI Group of Companies
through its publication arm, FuturArc Journal, to generate forward-thinking,
innovative design ideas for Asia. The Competition offers a platform to professionals
and students who are passionate about the environment. Through the force of their
imagination it aspires to capture visions of a sustainable future.


FuturArc Journal is Competition Organiser. The Journal is a quarterly publication that
recognises the impact of buildings on society and the environment, promoting architecture
that is socially and ecologically responsible.

The Competition Registrar is BCI Asia Construction Information Pte Ltd, a subsidiary
of the BCI Group of Companies.

FuturArc Prize Competition Registrar
371 Beach Road, #02-25 Keypoint
Singapore 199597
Email: prize@futurarc.com

Sponsors and Supporters

FuturArc Prize 2012 is supported by:

HP Philips