In Conversation / 1st Quarter 2020

In Conversation with Shimul Javeri Kadri

by Bhawna Jaimini

Shimul Javeri Kadri is one of the most well-known architects in India. She was among the few women to set up her own architectural practice at a time when the profession was more or less an all-boys club. Thirty years later, Shimul has created a vast body of work and a distinct style of designing buildings that are in harmony with nature.

She was one of the speakers on the opening panel at the Women in Design 2020 conference, where she expressed her disappointment at the lack of women-led practices in India and how the profession must address this. She spoke to FuturArc correspondent Bhawna Jaimini post-conference on women in architecture, her approach to sustainability, as well as her wish to do a low-income housing project.






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