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Carre D’Art

Carre D’Art is a residential project located at Country Heights Damansara, a freehold gated bungalow community in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Carre D’Art, literally translated from French as ‘Square of Art’, is named after the museum of the same name in Nimes, France. The museum houses contemporary art and the city’s library, and its clean and modern architecture provided the inspiration for the architects of this Carre D’Art. 1

The dwelling has five plus two bedrooms, a glass-floored dining area, a cinema, a poolroom, gymnasium, a rooftop pool as well as an entertainment deck. 2 The numerous amenities within are designed around an open-plan architecture, which is dominated by high ceilings, the extensive use of glass, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The intimacy and warmth of the residence are not lost through this open layout, as the bedrooms and living areas are closely connected, generating a sense of closeness that is essential for a home.

Green Features

The Green features of the Carre D’Art are perhaps incongruent with the conventional notions of luxurious homes; yet it is possibly because of these environmentally-friendly designs that augment the lavish nature of the residential property.

The roof has seven layers of insulation, which reduces the amount of energy consumed for heating and cooling. The position of the building and the orientation of the windows are designed to reduce solar glare, providing a comfortable shade throughout the interior of the house. One of the main features of the Carre D’Art is the entertainment deck. Located at the topmost level of the building, the area is shaded from the sun by a canopy of curved wood ceiling.

Carre D’Art utilises a fully centralised air-conditioning system that is also employed in the homes of Marc Rutenberg’s Zero Energy America project in Tampa, Florida. The use of such a system gives energy savings of 45 percent over conventional air-conditioning units. Furthermore, only LED lights—which are 85 percent more efficient and emit 80 percent less heat than conventional halogen lights—are used, while the wide glass windows that surround the house provide natural daylight during the day.

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Project Data

Project Name
Carre D’Art
Country Heights Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Completion Date
30 November 2013
Site Area
1,067 square metres
Gross Floor Area
1,858 square metres
Number of Rooms
5 + 2
Building Height
19.5 metres
Architecture Firm


Landscape Architect
Interior Designer
Green Building Consultant/Engineer
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Jurutera Perunding AYY
Civil & Structural Engineer
Jurutera Perunding AYY
Quantity Surveyor
Main Contractor
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