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Taiwan High Speed Rail’s Hsin Chu Station Mall

Benoy has unveiled the design for Taiwan High Speed Rail’s (THSR) Hsin Chu Station Mall. Presented at the February 2014 contract signing for the scheme, the firm has revealed a Green architectural design that melds into the landscape of the site.

The brief was to conceive a low-density retail project which would also deliver a Green environment to benefit the community of Hsin Chu and surrounding residential developments. Following the current trend to create more diverse and vibrant transportation hubs, the development will be built on a 30,000-square metre site directly connected to the Hsin Chu High Speed Rail Station.

Combining inspiration from the futuristic nature of high-speed rail and Hsin Chu’s identity as the ‘windy city’, Benoy has delivered a concept that augments the usage of the site.

Wisely Suen, senior associate director at Benoy, explained, “The north-east angled plots act to mitigate the windy climate and we have drawn the landscape up to the roof of the low-rise retail buildings to create multi-functional green spaces”.

“The 3D retail experience has essentially preserved a large portion of the landscape for the users. The green slope design will be accessible from ground level and transformed into outlets for dining, restaurants and entertainment. The landscaped scheme will also feature an amphitheatre and eight cinema houses alongside the retail offer.”

The design features environmentally-friendly initiatives to support THSR’s Green vision, such as sustainable building materials, sunshading, green roof insulation, rain water collection, grey water recycling, and solar power.

Project Data

Project Name 
Taiwan High Speed Rail’s Hsin Chu Station Mall
Zhubei, Hsin Chu County, Taiwan
Expected completion
4Q 2015

Site Gross Floor Area
30,000 square metres

Retail Gross Floor Area
15,000 square metres



Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation; Great Way Development Co. Ltd

Benoy Ltd

Benoy Ltd
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Benoy Ltd

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