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Tropicana Metropark

Tropicana Metropark, developed by Tropicana Corporation Berhad, is an 88-acre development, with a gross floor area of approximately 11 million square feet. With an estimated gross development value of RM6.3 billion, this integrated development offers a mix of spaces for residential, office, retail, educational and healthcare uses.

Chattarpur Farm House

The client’s aim was to create a “Weekend Home” or farmhouse in the affluent south Delhi neighbourhood. A second farmhouse on his 1-acre property, it comprises two bedrooms and a guest room with attached toilets, a living room, dining room and kitchen. The client wanted a simple, easy to execute design that can be constructed in less than six months.

Dress Circle Residence

Dress Circle Residence is situated in a subdivision of a rural property at Yallingup on the coast of Western Australia, three hours south of Perth. There is natural vegetation around the house outside the building footprint area, aside from the provision of vehicle access which was woven through the site so as to minimise the need to remove any trees.

Busan Cinema Center

Busan Cinema Center is a landmark feature of Busan and is a dedicated theatre for the BIFF (Busan International Film Festival), one of the top film festivals in Asia. The building incorporates a theatre, indoor and outdoor cinemas, convention halls, office spaces, creative studios, and dining areas in a mixture of sheltered and linked indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Café Kureon

Piling up pieces of wood, rather than joining them together, Kengo Kuma designed a restaurant that comprises an enclosed glass box surrounded by stacked timber. The concept was inspired by organic spaces like the forest, using untreated and locally-sourced logs sectioned in 105 millimetres.


Sky Habitat

For those who know Moshe Safdie’s work well (he also designed Marina Bay Sands), the design for Sky Habitat will look familiar. This is because, having evolved from Safdie’s signature Habitat ’67 in Montreal, this new condominium in Bishan Central, Singapore, bears similar characteristics such as fractal-geometry surface patterns and a stepped structure that results in a network of gardens open to the sky.


Kangwanwanich Family House

The project is designed for a family with small children. The owner wanted to have a house with less building footprint but at the same time meet their functional requirements and contain plenty of space for their kids to play and learn; it also has to be a living space which could be passively cooled. 


Comfy Corner and Reclusive House at La-U Forest
Comfy Corner and Reclusive House at La-U Forest was conceived to be a place of meditation for Buddhists, and at the same time, a security shelter which can withstand potential natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and drought. 


Located within the mature estate of Bedok in Singapore, eCO is a residential development that seeks to be ecologically friendly. It is the first private residential project to be launched in the area in the past 30 years.

Infinity Bench
Surpassing its mere function of being a regular bench, the Infinity Bench doubles as an art work suitable for display in a modern and urban environment despite its rustic design...



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