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Mangrove Crafted Furniture
Manglares Farm Mangrove Forest
Mangroves, according to the RAMSAR Convention1, are tropical wetlands found in saltwater, estuaries, or intertidal lagoons. 
Situated on the Pacific coast of Central America, the Manglares farm in Guatemala is a natural mangrove forest. The rich soils in the region allow for the fast regeneration of the mangrove trees. Strict controls have been put in place to guarantee adherence to the parameters established by the global ecological community and local legislation. The farm participates in the “Sustainable Mangrove Forest Administration” project sponsored by the European Community and works closely with Guatemala’s National Forest Institute, INAB, to plant, care and cultivate the mangrove forest. It also works with local rural communities to educate them of the harmful effects of over-harvesting.
In Situ Mangle Range
The In Situ Mangle range is a collection of mangrove furniture which range from consoles, coffee tables, side tables, lamps and accessories made from materials gathered from the Manglares farm. The area is harvested without the use of any heavy machinery. Before each harvest, specific pieces are selected to become products of the Mangle range. Uniquely-shaped root mass offer new inspirations for products to be designed. Because of the limited area and unpredictable shapes gathered in each harvest, there is only enough raw materials to produce a limited number of pieces. All Mangle range products are handmade and hand-finished by artisans, preserving traditional craftsmanship.
In Situ Design
An exclusive distributor in Asia Pacific for the In Situ Mangle range, In Situ Design ensures that each piece of mangrove used in the crafting of Mangle products is sourced from the Manglares farm. In Situ also features handmade 100 percent cotton bedspreads and bed covers, soft furnishings and tablemats. 
For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/InSituSg.



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