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Hexagon - The Modular Tile
Hexagon is a modular carpet tile that reflects that shift towards collaborative environments with its non-linear composition. The design comes from the idea of hexagon as a geometric form that creates more connection points, alluding to society requiring greater connection than before. This modular tile is specifically designed to allow the rug to reflect the angular, organic seating areas of today’s workplaces. The fact that the tile has six sides creates endless design possibilities.
Environmental Friendly Features

Hexagon is Cradle to Cradle Certified CM Silver and uses premium Eco Solution Q fiber with 45 percent recycled content*. All tiles feature EcoWorx backing, which is completely recyclable, PVC-free, and contain 44 percent recycled content. In addition, as compared to traditional PVC, EcoWorx has eight times greater tear strength, five times greater tensile strength, and two times greater delamination strength, all while ensuring safety for human health and the environment. Hexagon contributes to LEED credits, including recycled content, low-emitting materials and innovation in design.

Product Variants

The collection features four designs with bevel, linear, and solid designs. The foundation of the collection, "plane", is 22 ounce and available in 29 colours of varying hue and value, ranging from cool to warm. "Linear", 20 ounce, provides a classic, striated visual to create a random herringbone texture when installed in a multi-directional manner. To create a subtle shift of value across the hexagon, "linear shift", also 20 ounce, is constructed of multiple combined colours. "Bevel", 26 ounce, offers a visual deconstruction of the hexagon—both through a dimensional layering of the shapes and through a plush sheared finish.
Hexagon earned a Silver Award in modular carpet in this year’s "Best of NeoCon" competition.

Edited by Bhawna Jaimini

Shaw Contract Group will be exhibiting their Hexagon carpets at 100% Design Singapore 2013.

* Recycled content is based on allocated nylon fiber from Shaw's total nylon fiber production and determined as a percent of total Eco Solution Q output. Actual recycled content in this product will likely vary.



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