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Interview with Paul North, EMSc (UK) Ltd

International business development manager of EMSc (UK) Ltd, Mr Paul North, explains how voltage optimisation offers a cost-effective, engineering solution to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in buildings—old and new—across Southeast Asia.
Q. What is voltage optimisation?
PN: Voltage optimisation works to address the issue of wasted energy that exists as a result of an imbalance between a site’s supply and usage.
For example, in Malaysia, the low voltage electricity supply is 240V and in Indonesia, it is 230V. Both are considerably higher than the optimal 220V required by modern electrical equipment.
This excess energy is still factored into a building’s energy bills despite the fact that it offers no benefit to the business and often manifests itself in appliances as heat and vibration.

Paul North. (Photo courtesy of EMSc (UK) Ltd) 

Q. What are the typical savings achievable by installing such a system? 
PN: A system that optimises voltage, such as Powerstar, can cut energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and help protect against dangerous transients and power spikes to ensure the voltage is supplied at a constant level. It can help companies realise savings in energy consumption of up to 26.1 percent and thereby reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Q. Why is it important to implement a tailor-engineered solution?
PN: Voltage optimisation systems are suitable for installation in a wide range of commercial buildings, such as factories, warehouses, production sites, call centres and IT server facilities. The technology can be installed in new or old buildings alike. However, to ensure the most energy-efficient system is implemented, it is essential to have a full site-specific energy audit conducted by engineers familiar with all aspects of voltage optimisation. 
Q. What are the benefits of installing a voltage optimisation system in terms of electricity consumption and reduction in carbon emissions?
PN: As limits are placed on fuel subsidies, electricity prices are set to rise throughout Southeast Asia. In this climate, the desire for businesses to reduce their energy consumption is understandable. 
Voltage optimisation systems not only automatically reduce energy usage by stabilising the voltage at a lower rate, but they also allow facility managers and building owners to utilise intelligent real-time monitoring. With such detailed monitoring at their fingertips, managers can oversee their business energy usage, savings and also target further reductions. All these savings can be achieved without any impact on business operations or output.
Savings on energy costs also translate into reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, and may qualify businesses for carbon credits. As businesses consume about 60 percent of total energy used in Malaysia, a reduction in the carbon footprint of the Malaysian industry would have a significant overall impact.
Q. Explain how stabilised voltage output can benefit sites with critical loads, secure data and operations requiring high levels of reliability and security.
PN: As technology advances there are many different types of businesses that require high levels of reliability and security from their power supply. IT server facilities, factories and production sites all have, to some degree, critical loads, secure data and essential operations that require a constant electricity supply. Voltage optimisation systems stabilise voltage output, which minimises the effects of transients (very brief but large bursts of energy that can cause equipment to fail instantly). 
Voltage optimisation offers businesses and architects the opportunity to put in place practical energy management and reduction strategies for every business, in existing buildings or those yet to be designed and built. 
Powerstar is an engineered solution with a patented design. It has been proven to deliver, on average, up to a 12 to 15 percent reduction in energy consumption.
EMSc (UK) Ltd will be exhibiting Powerstar at Ecobuild Southeast Asia from 17th to 19th September at the Putra World Trade Centre in Malaysia. For more information, please contact 0044 114 257 6200.
Images from EMSc (UK) Ltd.



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