Mar-Apr 2018

The EY Centre

by Lakshmi Menon

The term business district often generates an imagery of skylines dotted with
steel-grey, extensively glazed, monolithic office towers. Their potential to engage
with the human scale—to improve well-being and contribute to the urban
streetscape and natural environment—is vastly untapped.

The EY Centre presents a climate-responsive office tower typology that derives
its materiality of form from its urban context, engendering a warm and humane
workplace whilst activating the ground plane.

Located at the edge of Sydney’s Tank Stream (the first water source of New
South Wales), the 36-storey building embraces its historical setting in its use of
traditional materials such as timber, wood and glass, in conjunction with advanced
technology systems. The tight, irregular-shaped site comprises two rounded
rectangular towers with office spaces facing northwest. This advantageously
maximises daylight exposure while providing spectacular views towards the
waterfront harbour.


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