Nov-Dec 2017


Architects and landscape designers have been taking into account the natural and urban ecosystems by embedding designs that address the physical and emotional needs of users, as well as incorporating climate-responsive strategies. Mapletree Business City (MBC) II is an example that seeks to embrace a modern working lifestyle with environmentally friendly urban spaces that allow nature to thrive. MBC II is the second phase of the MBC development.

Located in the 13.5-hectare Alexandra Precinct at southwest Singapore, the site is also in close proximity to the Kent Ridge Park, HortPark and Labrador Park. The main idea is to have modern business spaces set amidst generous landscaping and a garden setting that offers respite from the bustle of work. In this new development, 70 per cent of the site area is covered with greenery. This design not only provides a comfortable microclimate for outdoor spaces in Singapore’s tropical weather but also defines different spatial typologies through topographical conditions.

MBC II was designed to meet stringent international Green certifications. Annually, it saves 8.6 million kWh of electricity. The building also offers better air quality with its installations of primary/secondary filters, with ultraviolet-light air treatment to kill bacteria and airborne germs. Covered walkways and travelators are provided for commuters to promote the use of public transport. The integrated business hub also features eco-friendly parking lots and bicycle lots to encourage users towards more environmentally friendly modes of commuting. 

The development has been awarded the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA)’s Green Mark Platinum Award for both phases, and the LEED Gold level award for MBC II.

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