Mar-Apr 2017



Deutsche Bekleidungswerke Ltd Factory Long Hau

by Melissa Merryweather

Long Hau Industrial Park, 40 minutes south of Ho Chi Minh City, is tucked beside a small offshoot of the Saigon River. The surrounding area, a checkerboard of rice paddies, is gearing up to take the spillover from the big city and its nearby industrial neighbours.

Vietnam has witnessed key cases of high-profile environmental damage in the past few years, and there is a new urgency, especially for foreign-invested factories, to adhere to anti-pollution laws. Deutsche Bekleidungswerke (DBW), wholly owned by Hong Kong-based Royal Spirit Group, has an existing client base including premier fashion labels with strong environmental credentials. Consequently, for the new factory in Vietnam, they elected to go far beyond basic compliance and demonstrate environmental leadership, choosing to dual-certify at the highest level with Platinum LEED and LOTUS. DBW took a strong stance from the outset on worker comfort and health. They set sustainability goals to maximise benefits to occupants, in addition to benefitting the bottom line.


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