Previously Published Projects (2014 Jan to Jun)
May-Jun 2014
Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space
Situated in the southern part of New Mexico in the US, Spaceport America is the
world’s first commercial spaceport and operational base for commercial passenger and payload spaceflight. The project, officially named Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space, was conceived by New Mexico Space Authority (NMSA)—a state agency founded to develop commercial space travel—and is home to the spaceflight programme of Virgin Galactic, a private space travel company and operator of the spaceport. The project also offers a tourism experience for visitors, and provides an opportunity for students to learn about space technology.
May-Jun 2014
Jeju Ball
This series of houses is part of the development of art villas in the Lotte Jeju
Resort situated in Jeju Island, one of the largest volcanic islands in South Korea.
World-renowned architects including Seung H-Sang, Dominique Perrault and Yi
Jongho were invited to design different sections of the complex, resulting in an
eclectic mix of architectural designs within the compound. 
May-Jun 2014
Kontum Indochine Café
Kontum Indochine Café is designed as a part of a hotel complex along Dakbla
River in Kontum City, Middle Vietnam. Adjacent to Dakbla Bridge, a gateway to
Kontum City, the cafeteria serves as a breakfast, dinner and tea venue for hotel
guests. It also functions as a semi-outdoor banquet hall for wedding ceremonies. 
May-Jun 2014
Varansi Silk Weaving Facility
Silk weaving hub Varanasi, India is one of the oldest living cities on earth with an ancient tradition of handwoven silk dating back to the 14th century. Set along the shores of the Ganges River, this first-of-its-kind facility seeks to improve the capacity and ability of the weavers and will offer classes in business development in addition to providing a place to train the next generation of artisans. 
May-Jun 2014
Phoenix Valley
Phoenix Valley is a government-funded cultural project in the heart of Wujin,
the rapidly developing southern district city of Changzhou in China. The
65,000-square metre complex houses the Wujin Grand Theatre for 1,000 patrons,
four cinemas, sports and dance halls, art galleries, and an early childhood
education centre. 
May-Jun 2014
Waterloo Youth Centre
Established in 1979, Weave is a non-profit organisation providing a range of services including counselling, mental health services, casework, and case-management support to disadvantaged young people in Sydney’s inner city. The refurbished facility serves the needs of the youths and community in the area and provides for a more conducive work environment for the staff.
May-Jun 2014
Rishipara Mandir Paathshaala
Part of an education programme initiated by two friends, this school provides access to education for children in some parts of Bangladesh’s marginalised communities.
May-Jun 2014
137 Market Street
Originally scheduled for demolition, 137 Market Street was instead remodelled and transformed into a contemporary office building with an emphasis on sustainability.
May-Jun 2014

Volvoe-Eicher Headquarters

Defined by a free-span steel structure that is set outside the building’s main envelope, the Volvo-Eicher Headquarters consists of two interlinked cubes.

May-Jun 2014
Bamboe Koening Restaurant

Tourists and locals alike come to this restaurant made of thousands of bamboo poles, located at the Royal Casa Ganesha Resort in Bali

May-Jun 2014

D-House is a modern take of a bahay kubo, a stilt house indigenous to most of the lowland cultures of the Philippines.

Mar-Apr 2014
Scale Lane Bridge
Believed to be a 'world's first', the swing bridge over the River Hull offers pedestrians the experience of riding on the bridge as it opens and closes to river traffic.
Mar-Apr 2014
Overhanging a busy highway, Eco-Link@BKE is an ecological Green corridor that acts as a link between two nature reserves.
Mar-Apr 2014
The Rebirth of Estero de Paco
The landmark Estero de Paco (EDP) rehabilitation project is the garbage-filled waterway makeover success story of one of Metro Manila's dirtiest creek. 
Mar-Apr 2014
Klang Valley MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line
The Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SB-K) Line is the first of three lines of the Klang Valley Mass Rapid  Transit (KVMRT) project, Malaysia's largest public infrastructure development to date.
Mar-Apr 2014
Three-border-province of the Southern Region of Thailand Park
The importance of Thailand’s three southern border provinces—Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat—lies in the economy and culture of a region rich in natural resources, land area, and traditions. 
Mar-Apr 2014
River of Life
The River of Life aims to rehabilitate and transform the rivers of Kuala Lumpur into an iconic waterway on par with cities like London, Paris, Melbourne and Amsterdam by 2020.
Mar-Apr 2014
Punggol Promenade
Punggol Promenade embodies the spirit of Green infrastructure—as a waterfront promenade and public park, it serves to bring people closer to nature and the sea, and also holds the potential to enhance their quality of life through providing avenues for recreation and places for shade and shelter. 
Mar-Apr 2014
Perth City Link Rail Alliance
The reconfiguration of Perth Station involves many constraints, challenges and opportunities in having to work with layers of history both above and below ground.
Mar-Apr 2014
21st Century Infrastructure: Solar Mini-grid for Pho Ba Island
Though it sits near the centre of a provincial capital in a prosperous province of Vietnam, the community of Pho Ba has for more than 40 years been known locally as the place with “no electricity, no water, and no road.” 

Jan-Feb 2014

Raffles American School

Designed as a private academy for students pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, the upcoming Raffles American School (RAS) will be located on the hilly terrains of Iskandar, Malaysia.


Jan-Feb 2014

Showa Gakuin Kindergarten

The Showa Gakuin Kindergarten building used to be a two-storey steel-framed
structure that lacked open spaces. Situated on the first level, teachers were unable
to keep an eye on what was going on at the second storey due to the closed


Jan-Feb 2014

Rikubetsu Elementary School

In Rikubetsu, Hokkaido, where temperatures can reach minus 30 degrees Celsius in the long winter and 35 degrees Celsius in the short summer, it is necessary for buildings in this coldest town of Japan to accommodate these extreme weather conditions.

Jan-Feb 2014
Yasumoto International Academic Park & Wu Ho Man Yuen Building
To accommodate the increasing number of students as a result of an academic system reform, Yasumoto International Academic Park & Wu Ho Man Yuen Building were added to the existing campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).
Jan-Feb 2014
Xiuning Shuanglong Primary School
The school was designed and built based on a scientific method that is generally applicable to reduce the damage of construction activities on the site, and has an impact on the livelihood of the villages as well as the normal teaching of the school.

Jan-Feb 2014

Global Change Institute
The Global Change Institute (GCI) is a $32-million research and learning facility dedicated to finding solutions for global sustainability issues such as food security, ecosystem health, population growth, climate change, etc.



Jan-Feb 2014

Academic 3, City University of Hong Kong

In light of Hong Kong’s new 3-3-4 education structure, the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) required a new teaching and administration building to accommodate its expanding intake of students.


Jan-Feb 2014

BRAC University
Sited on an urban lake, the vision of the university is to present an innovative and Green inner city campus that exemplifies tropical design strategies in response to the region’s hot and humid monsoon climate while demonstrating the integration of nature and architecture.
Jan-Feb 2014
Universidade Agostinho Neto
Named after Angola’s first president, the Universidade Agostinho Neto (UAN) sits on a previously undeveloped savanna site outside the capital, Luanda. The guiding principle of the master plan was to create low-maintenance Green urbanism.
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