Previously Published Projects (2013 Jul to Dec)
Nov-Dec 2013
Country Report: Asia Pacific
Building is booming across Asia. Revenue from building construction reached US$1.1 billion in 2012, with economic powerhouses such as China and India responsible for almost 80 percent of the total market in building construction.
Nov-Dec 2013
Country Report: Australia
When the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) was established in 2002, Australia’s buildings and cities were more grey than Green. But a revolution was soon underway...
Nov-Dec 2013
Country Report: Indonesia
In Indonesia, the Greenest buildings by material life cycle and operational energy per occupant can be found in remote villages.
Nov-Dec 2013
Country Report: Vietnam
The “Doi Moi” economic reforms in Vietnam were initiated in 1986, which allowed the country to open its doors to the outside world.
Nov-Dec 2013
Tea House-Bamboo Courtyard

There is something stunning about a bamboo building—the material is at once hard and delicate, and gives an air of rusticity to the design; something basic and natural with a rich sense of history.

Nov-Dec 2013
Study Centre in Tacloban
The  Tacloban Study Centre is more than just an educational institution that is working clsoely with the parents and children of the Seawall slum community. It symbolises hope and opportunity amidst poverty.
Nov-Dec 2013
Dai Lai Conference Hall
Flamingo Dai Lai resort was designed and built for busy urbanites wanting to spend weekends in relaxation and be surrounded by nature. The resort is located beside the main access road, which serves as the entrance to the whole resort.
Nov-Dec 2013
Joo Chiat Shophouse
This shophouse is located along Joo Chiat Place, a conservation shophouse district in the secondary settlement areas of Joo Chiat and Katong in Singapore.
Nov-Dec 2013
Temporary Housing of Rikuzentakata
The village-like contemporary housing complex in Rikuzentakata, a city in Iwate Perfecture, Japan, was built after the area was devastated by the earthquake in March 2011.
Nov-Dec 2013
Herman Miller @XTRA
Learning from the design processes of the work chairs, which combine formal, structural and material innovation based on the research of ergonomics to create a surface that 'moulds' to the human body, the 'skin' for the Herman Miller Store is 'moulded' to its host XTRA.
Nov-Dec 2013
19 Sunset Place
For this project, the architects were given the task of modernising and expanding a two-storey house.
Nov-Dec 2013
NASA's Sustainability Base
Skilful architects can build intelligent, climatically responsive systems into the skin and bones of a building; NASA’s goal for Sustainability Base was a building with all that and brains, too.
Sep-Oct 2013
Alliance Française de Delhi
The Lodhi Estate in New Delhi has a rich architectural heritage, marked by its concept of a low-density built environment set in an extended garden.
Sep-Oct 2013
The High-Performance Computer Centre + Centre for Climate Change Research Buildings
The High Performance Computer Centre (HPCC) and Centre for Climate Change
Research (CCCR) buildings were designed to be part of an institutional campus, conceived to pioneer research on climate change and allied studies.
Sep-Oct 2013
Siemens Middle East Headquarters
The new Siemens Middle East Headquarters building will be an 18,000-square metre complex that serves as the company’s headquarters as well as office and retail space for other businesses.
Sep-Oct 2013
VietinBank Tower
The office tower is designed by Foster + Partners to be a cutting-edge example of energy-efficient corporate modernity, housing VietinBank’s headquarters and a retail banking centre.
Sep-Oct 2013
Trees Building
The façade of the building is composed of rows of colossal double-height columns—creating the effect of a vertical forest—that are designed not only as load-bearing elements but also as devices to plant big trees on their tops.
Sep-Oct 2013
Scientia Business Park
Designed as offices set within a park, the soon-to-complete Scientia Business Park comprises six low-rise office blocks in a landscaped park, with a low plot ratio of 1.07 and more than 50 percent open area and green fields.
Sep-Oct 2013
Austrian Embassy Jakarta
The new office building for the Austrian embassy in Jakarta, completed in 2011, seeks to achieve environmental sustainability and simultaneous indoor comfort in the warm, humid Indonesian climate.
Sep-Oct 2013
SinarMas Land Head Office Building
The project is the new headquarters for Indonesian property developer SinarMas Land, located within the BSD Business Park to the southwest of Jakarta.
Sep-Oct 2013
Point 92
Point 92 is located on a slope and looks out into a residential precinct. The design of the office building perched above the multi-storey car park creates the illusion of a floating box atop a Green landscape.
Sep-Oct 2013
Pasona Headquarters Tokyo
Located in downtown Tokyo, Pasona HQ is a nine-storey high, 215,000-square foot corporate office building for a Japanese recruitment company, Pasona Group.
Jul-Aug 2013
AQSA Factory
Factories are typically designed to house heavy machinery and equipment, and as such most of them have lost their ‘human touch’ or neglected design on a more human scale.
Jul-Aug 2013
Seletar Aerospace Park Double-Storey Aircraft Carousel Hangar
Singapore’s first international airport and subsequent military airbase, after a period of disuse, is undergoing redevelopment into an integrated aerospace park.
Jul-Aug 2013
Production Facility for K.H.S. Machinery PVT. LTD
The client commissioned the architecture firm for the construction of a production plant for the manufacturing of bottling lines in a greenfield site at Hirapur, Memdavad, in Gujarat.
Jul-Aug 2013
RMX Joss
An apparel manufacturer in India, RMX Joss constructed a new factory, located in the New Okhla Industrial Development Area (NOIDA) within the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) in India.
Jul-Aug 2013
A Simple Factory Building
A Simple Factory Building engages with the realities of both open and closed envelopes, and passive and active technologies.
Jul-Aug 2013
Hexagon Aron R&D Centre
The R&D centre for Aron Kasei, a manufacturer of products from plastic and recyclable thermoplastic elastomers, was designed for the purposes of facilitating innovation and brainstorming processes as well as bringing together various functions from the company’s former laboratories.
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